You choose , we cook, DHL delivers

After you place your order, the system will automatically send you a confrimation e-mail. We will e-mail you once again with your tracking number when your package is ready to go.
Usually, we ship the day after we receive the order, but please note that we only ship from Monday to Wednsday. So, if you order on a Thursday or Fryday, please remember that you will probably get your Ma Che Buoni the next Tuesday. 
Delivery is usualy within 24 h from shipping, but it is not for granted. If the delivery arrives late, please be patient and don't worry: our package is thought to keep the food safe for 48h!

Tipps to store your
Ma Che Buoni

Once the meals are delivered, you should immediately put them in your fridge. Please, remember, we do not add chemical preservatives to our food, this is why it is very important that you keep it cold (perfect temperature is 3°C). You can freeze it if you don't have enough space in the refrigerator. Snacks and cakes are to be kept at room teperature.

Tipps to heat your
Ma Che Buoni

Our ready-meals are packed to be heated up in the microwave: 2 minutes at 800 watt and your lunch is ready. You could make a teeny tiny hole on the protective film, so it won't "pop" open and stain your microwave.
If you prefere to use a pan, please remember to add some water or a teaspoon of extra-virgin olive oil, so it doesn't burn or stick to the bottom.