What is Ma Che Buoni and how does it work?

Ma Che Buoni is a service of qualty food delivery. We make everything we sell: from the home-made pasta to the sauces, cakes, desserts, pizzas and snacks. We source fresh ingredients (only fish is frozen) and never add chemical preservatives: whatever you pick will be easy to digest and 100% natural. Ma Che Buoni allows you to order ready-made Italian food directly from the producer (us!) and enjoying it at your home. 

How are the meals
packaged and delivered?

In order to keep the food safe for more than 15 days we use modified atmospheric packaging.  This process lowers the amount of oxygen which slows the growth of aerobic organisms and the speed of oxidation reactions. It's safe and allows us to avoid using chemical preservatives in the recipes.
The meals are delivered to you into thermic boxes that you can re-use. If you send it back to us, we will reward you with a promotional code on your next order.

What if my box gets damaged?

We put a lot of care in packing up the goods, but sometimes the boxes arrive slightly damaged due to transport. If that happens you have to take a picture of the damaged goods and send it to info@machebuoni.it. We will send you a new one in your next delivery.

Where can I find the ingredient list and nutritional info?

Every product page has a link you can click on, in order to read all the info you are looiking for. 
If you are alergic to something please remember to check the list of potential allergens, that means the list of ingredients causing allergies that we process in our facility. For example, if you are allergic to gluten you can pick a product that does not containi it (for example a risotto), but you should be very well aware that we do use it in our kitchen.

How do I heat up my meals?

It is super extra easy! Take the tray out of the cardboard sleeve, make a teeny tiny hole in the protective film and put it in the microwave. We recommend 2 minutes at 800 watt for ready meals. If you prefere to use a pan, put a teaspoon of extra-virgin olive oil on the bottom, so the food won't stick.

Where and when do you deliver?

We deliver to: Austria, Germany, France, Luxembourg, Belgium and Ireland.We ship from Monday to Wednsday, the boxes usually arrive 24 hours after we have shipped.
If something should be out of stock, we will e-mail you and ask if you want to change the item or if you prefere to wait one day more and give us time to make it fresh.

How do I recycle the envelopes?

All of our packages are recyclable in the plastic or paper bin.