The family

Perugini-Petrini Family. In love with (good) food since 1984.

Giordano and Loriana were only 24 and 22 when they opened up their first restaurant, in 1984.
Maila, their daughter, was born 2 years later. Since then, creating great food experiences for their customers has been the family's main job.

Le Marche, our home

Marche is the name of our region, it is pronounced like this: "Mar-key". I am sure you have never heard of it. But believe me, if you think there's nothing better than Tuscany to experience Italy, well, get ready to change your mind...
"This eastern region has always existed on the sidelines, at one time the borderlands of the great Papal States and neglected today in favour of Tuscany and Umbria, its showier neighbours. Which is all the better for visitors" - Read more

The secrets of the templars

From BBC: Templars in Le Marche
Discover a secret templar town, under the town of Osimo (AN).

From NYC to Le Marche

Two young American expats, Jason & Ashley Bartner share their true story of moving from NYC to the Italian countryside to share the good life with others at La Tavola Marche (farm, inn and cooking school)

Our food

Find out more about the way we develop our recipes